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Delivery Policies

automatic deliveries

At Mountain Petroleum, unless a customer requests to be put on a "will-call" basis, we place all customers on an automatic delivery program.  The benefit is if you run out of heating fuel and your account is kept current, we will provide an emergency delivery of heating fuel anytime, day or night, without an extra charge. However, we cannot predict extreme weather events (such as prolonged periods of sub-zero weather) or changes in our customer’s lifestyle. Occasionally there are run-outs, or no-heat situations due to lack of fuel and heating system problems. By your participation in our automatic delivery program, you accept the responsibility of calling us promptly in the event of a fuel run-out. You also accept the responsibility of familiarizing yourself with your delivery schedule during the heating season. If you are away for any length of time, it is our recommendation that you ask a friend or neighbor to check your home daily. We are not responsible for a customer’s home that experiences a freeze up.

will-call delivery

In this case, the customer keeps track of their fuel oil use and calls the office when a delivery is needed. A 48-hour notice is required with a minimum delivery of 100 gallons. Our trucks cover a large area, and routes are scheduled in advance. Short notice or emergency deliveries will incur a service charge. Heating fuel deliveries are made Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Within reason, you must maintain access to your fuel tank. Provided that private roadways and driveways have been plowed wide enough and sanded, we will make every effort to deliver your heating fuel. It is at the discretion of the delivery truck driver as to whether or not he can safely deliver the fuel.

Credit Policy

For qualified charge accounts, payments are due within 10 days of delivery or notice. We deliver the fuel, leaving a delivery ticket and expect payment within 10 days. If payment is received within 10 days of the delivery, we offer a discount of .25 cents per gallon. Please have whoever checks your home notify you of the delivery so you can take advantage of the discount.  After 30 days a monthly 2% service charge will be added to your bill.  All delinquent accounts will be charged a $15 per month late fee.  Violation of this credit policy will result in the customer being placed on a C.O.D. basis. Our business is not designed to be a banking service. If you need more than one month to pay your outstanding fuel bills, we accept MasterCard and Visa.  Please be aware that if a balance is owed, another delivery will not be made until the first is paid in full.  Please be aware that if you are a propane customer with our propane tank at your home and there is an overdue balance on the account, we will remove our propane tank from your residence.

Payment Options

At Mountain Petroleum, we offer Budget Plans to help you better afford the cost of heating your home. A customer may pay their bill in full every month or participate in our yearly Pre-Pay program or monthly Budget Plan. The payment is based upon the customer’s average usage, divided by eleven. The plans do not include the cost of any service calls, as they cannot be anticipated.  The budget plan allows a customer to make their monthly payment on the first of the month. Pre-Pay plan payments are due in full by July 1. Monthly billing of your budget or your non budget amount due is available by credit card.  If you want this option, please let us know as we will need an authorization form signed every year. A $15.00 per month late fee is applied to anything over 30 days.

Security Deposit

Mountain Petroleum requires a security deposit on all LP, Fuel Oil and Kerosene service at any rental property we provide service to.  Unless the landlord provides Mountain Petroleum with a written statement that he/she will be responsible for any balance left on the account when the tenant leaves without the balance being paid in full, the tenant is responsible for payment of the deposit. All deliveries will be C.O.D. until the deposit is received in our office or other arrangements have been made.

Emergency Service

Mountain Petroleum will provide emergency service to our customers. If you are in need of emergency service, one of our technicians will service your residence or business. Chargeable time begins when the call is dispatched and ends when the job is completed. Any service call done after normal business hours will be billed at the overtime rate.

Outside tanks

Our recommendation for outside tanks is to use straight Kerosene all year.

Propane Tanks

A low usage fee will be charged to all Propane accounts, if the usage is less than the tank capacity, each year.

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